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Red Fox

Birth Weight: Less than 4 oz. Adult Weight: 7-13 pounds Adult Height: Not available Adult Length: 42 in.

Favorite Foods: The red fox likes lots of different kinds of food. Some of their favorite foods are mice, rabbits, fruits, dead birds.

Worst Enemies: Some of a foxes worst enemies are bears, wolverines, coyotes, dogs, pumas, hawks. People are enemies to the fox, too. They kill them for their fur and tails to make coats and stoles.

Self Defense: Foxes bark to warn each other of danger. Camouflage helps a fox hide from danger. A fox uses their teeth and claws to defend itself against predators. Foxes have a good sense of smell to smell enemies. Foxes can run fast to escape from enemies. Foxes have really good eyesight and can see enemies from far away. Their ears can turn from side to side to hear from all directions.

Interesting Facts: The Arctic fox changes color seasonally, to blend with its surroundings. Foxes have lots of enemies. Their worst enemy is people because people kill foxes for fur coats. People harm foxes too, when they build roads and homes where foxes live. When we harm animals like mice, we harm foxes because foxes eat mice.